FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Qusai Habboub has big ambitions.
Like any talented teenager who is showing plenty of promise in their chosen sport, Qusai wants to win. But this fencer wants to win big!
He came onto the sporting spotlight in Jordan last month after winning a Junior bronze at the highly competitive Mediterranean Fencing Championships in Marseille, France for the flore competition.
It was a fantastic achievement and one that has only made him hungry for more.
“I trained very hard before the championship because I was really determined to be in the top three, and I did it,” said Qusai.
“This was only the second international championships that I have taken part in so to get a medal was fantastic. The competition was of a very high standard and I have really benefited from this experience, especially as France is one of the top countries in the world for fencing.”
Qusai is developing under the watchful eye of Awdah Al Faouri who the youngster shares the credit with.
“He always advises me, and tries to improve my skills along with my teammates,” said the youngster, who has been playing the sport since he was just four after watching his sister compete.
Of course being a top level young sportsman or women means striking the right balance between the books and training. It is refreshing to hear Qusai explain how the two can work hand-in-hand.
“I try never to miss a training session but at the same time I care about my studying which is just as important and thankfully I can balance between. This is a challenge that has to be met.”
Many federations in Jordan are now looking ahead towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics where Qusai hopes to be. If not there, then the next edition in 2024.
“Participating in the Olympic Games is a dream that I will chase,” he said. “It would be the ultimate moment to be able to represent my country in front of the whole world, but it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.”
Qusai has a chance to prove himself on the international circuit once again later this month when he joins his teammates for the Asian Fencing Championships in Bangkok from February 24. A strong showing there and he will be a step closer to making his Olympic dreams come true.