With just five days to go until Kickboxer Bara’a Al Abbsi arrives in Poland for the World Games, she has sent a confident message, particularly to Jordanian women, about the importance of her qualification.

Al Abbsi qualified for the Games through a tough process and will take on the world’s best in an event that includes all the sports and disciplines not currently in the Olympic programme. She is also setting a first as no other Jordanian female Kickboxer has competed at the event before.

 “I’m happy to participate there but the importance of me competing goes well beyond the fights themselves,” said Al Abbsi.

“For sure this will be one of the toughest competitions I have ever had, but I have a message for all females in Jordan so I will be ready to deliver it.”

Al Abbsi said that her participation alone should show all of her countrywomen what is possible through hard work and determination.

“I want to do well for every single girl and woman in Jordan. I want them to be proud of me and use my participation to inspire them in their own lives,” she said.

The 25-year-old, who has been training intensively twice a day with her coach, Issa Abu Nassar, qualified for Poland after winning silver in the Asian Kickboxing Championships last year.

“The best in the world will be in Poland so I know it won’t be easy. I have trained hard to prepare and will do my best to accomplish my dream which is to be on podium.”

For a career that started as a nine-year-old, it has been a long road for Al Abbsi but as her silver medal showed last year, it is one that is delivering her to a destination as one of the world’s best.