Nash, The Black Iris



Nash the Black Iris

Nash the Black Iris is a story that most of us Jordanians can relate to.

Born as a Black Iris, a flower exclusive to the harsh deserts of Jordan, Nash had very little in his life growing up but it didn’t stop him from becoming a national icon for youngsters.

One day, a young Nash was bored and feeling down on his luck stumbled across a small desert town school and watched in amazement as he saw children playing. Balls were being thrown, hit, kicked and caught. Nash had never seen anything like this before and he was hooked.

The kids were laughing and smiling, running as fast as their legs could take them. Nash was spotted by the kids and invited to join in: his life was never the same again!

For once in his life he felt friendship, and part of a team.

The school welcome Nash with open arms and sport helped him become one of the most popular pupils. He wasn’t the best at sport but his enthusiasm was infectious.

Sometime later, the school was invited to attend a sports day at Al Hussein Sports City, organised by the Jordan Olympic Committee and Nash was nominated captain. It was the biggest honour.

At the event, Nash cheered and encouraged his teammates from the sidelines, celebrating their victories whilst consoling the opposition in defeat. He caught the eye of a Jordan Olympic Committee official who presented Nash with the winners’ shield on behalf of his school, and then offered him the chance to become their ambassador for the Kingdom’s young.

With the Jordan Olympic Committee struggling to communicate with the next generation, the official saw Nash as the perfect messenger.

From this day on, Nash has an important role to ensure that sport, and the values of sport, reach every single child in the Kingdom. He will help to spread the beautiful message far and wide through a number of initiatives. Look out soon for The Adventures of Nash.

There is a well known saying that if you don’t get kids interested in sport by the age of eight then you have lost them, well, it seems that the Jordan Olympic Committee has selected the perfect ambassador to reach out to millions.

And don’t forget the important message that Nash tells all children to pledge in order to become a member of his club:

Nash says that win or lose you should:

-          show RESPECT to all

-          always play FAIR

-          TRY your best

-          be HEALTHY

-          have FUN


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