National Coaching Certification Programme

The National Coaching Certification Program started in 2008, when the Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) signed an agreement with the Coaching Association of Canada.

Technical advisors came to Jordan to analyse the National Federations’ development needs and created a programme to enhance the coaching education system that is still running successfully today.

The project was launched immediately and has seen a number of Jordanian coaches build the capacity and capabilities through a number of levels as outlined below.

Levels and modules

Level 1 Modules and Material:

Planning a practice – 2-day course

Design a sports programme – 2-day course

Strength Training – 2-day course

Level 2 Modules and Material:

Teaching and Learning – 2-day course

Make an Ethical Decision – 2-day course

Mental Skills – 3-day course

Level 3 Modules and Materials:

Prevention and Recovery – 3-day course

Psychology of Performance – 3-day course

Coaching and Leading Effectively – 3-day course

Biomechanics of Performance – 3-day course

Monitoring and Evaluation Process:

Coaches who come through the evaluation with the required grades are then given a period of one year to implement the material in their training, through which they will be monitored and evaluated by the facilitator on a clear and outlined evaluation system.

Coaches who pass this monitoring period successfully will then move on to receive Level 4 training and be certified if successful.

Advanced Level 3 Modules and Material:

Developing athletic Ability – 5-day course

Performance Planning – 5-day course

Team of facilitators

1. Miss. Sirsa Dodu

2. Mr. Iyad Abu Touq

3. Dr. Omar Hindawi

4. Dr. Taiyser Mansi

5. Dr. Ali Al-Nawaiseh

6. Mr. Yousef Abu Baker

7. Dr. Gahzi Alkillani

8. Dr. Eyyad Maghayreh

9. Dr. Eyad Makani

10. Miss Heba Rahhal

11. Miss Nancy Farrah

12. Mrs. Narin HajTass

Facilitators outside Jordan:

13. Dr. Bilal Suliman Rahhal

14. Dr. Ziad Abu Karraki

15. Shamil Al-Daghistani