JOC Award For Scientific Research

JOC Award For Scientific Research

About the award

The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) Scientific Research Award is to encourage and motivate Jordanians to source appropriate research that could improve Olympic sports. The top three pieces of research annually will be rewarded.

The Awards

All submitted research will be evaluated with the top three awards as follows:

  • First: 10,000 JD  and trophy
  • Second: 6,000 JD and trophy
  • Third: 4,000 JD  and trophy 

Awards General Conditions

  1. Applicants must be Jordanian
  2. Age not to exceed 70 at the time of applying
  3. Not be a member of the Awards’ technical committee
  4. Educational background not less than bachelor degree
  5. Winner cannot apply again for two years
  6. Applicants should not have an unethical sporting history

Awards’ Technical Conditions

  1. The research should not have been published or presented before any organization previously
  2. The researcher should apply in Arabic and English
  3. The research paper not to exceed 30 pages
  4. The research should meet the following subjects:
    1. Development of the National teams performance
    2. Development of Olympic Sports federations performance
  5. The application will not be considered if it contains incorrect information and, if discovered later on, the award will be taken back
  6. The research should be applicable
  7. The research should be in one of the recognized Olympic sports
  8. Researchers should not apply for another award at the same time
  9. The research should not have been awarded before

10. The research can be presented personally, as a team or by an organization

11. The research shouldn’t be from another master degree research or from any other research conducted

  1. 12.  All papers and documents are owned by the awards organizers

13. Publishing rights are reserved for the JOC

14. If the winner wants to publish his research for scientific purpose, he/she must have approval from JOC

How to apply 

  1. Researcher must apply his own research with no more than four pages
  2. Acceptance of the research does not commit the award’s board to any financial commitments
  3. Receiving the research should is not a note of final acceptance
  4. 4.     Researcher can apply his research directly without applying the research proposal
  5. Researchers should fill in the form on and attach CV(s) before emailing to

How to choose the winner

The research should:

  • Be distinguished and add new value to the sport movement
  • Seek to improve athletes in different Olympic sports
  • Be original and not copied from other sources
  • Be creative
  • Raise the levels of innovation
  • Not conflict morals and human values
  • The Committee has the right to stop any research that does not meet any of the Award criteria
  • The committee has the rights to give the award for two winners if they choose


The awards’ Timeline

  • Candidate can apply from 1st of November till 30th of January each year
  • The evaluation will carry on from 15th of February till 15th of April
  • Announcing on the awards and winner will be at the Ceremony of the Olympic Day